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This is Me!

1950 My Favorite Dress!


Sand Dunes
I realize now that time
is but a  mockery of life
mimicking each moment
in daily routine
stifled only in childhood
and dreams
Oh to be like a child again
and live each moment
unhesitantly with
innocent anticipation
belying the drift of
grains of sand



Blowing Bubbles


Blowing bubbles in the wind


Acting like a child again


Swinging high as you can go


Making angels in the snow


Climbing trees up to the sky

Chasing pretty butterflies
Tag you're it,  hide-n-go-see
Could you tell how old you'd be
                 ......if you didn't know

The Hike
I remember a hike we took.
Do you remember it too?
We hiked up the side of a mountain.
All alone, just me and you.

We followed a rough and dusty road
with the sun, and the birds, and the bees.
The higher we climbed, the closer the sky,
and we soon saw the tops of the trees.


On our left side was a very deep gorge
divided by a swift running stream.
And when we'd hiked about half way up,
found a lake with a glassy sheen.


We circled the lake and followed a trail
that led through a swampy marsh.
And when we emerged we found a place
where the ground was not so harsh.


So there we laid down among the trees,
and the buzzing of the flies and bees.
Then refreshed ourselves in a clear, cold brook.
Do you remember the hike we took?
Yes, I remember it too.


O'Bese(t) within, I beg you please,
do not tempt me, do not tease,
nor stir those little piglet nips
to store their mass upon my hips!
O'Bese(t) within, why must you try
to tempt me with your hungry cry,
when just a few short hours have passed
since you awoke and broke your fast.
O'Bese(t) within, please do not start
for already you touch my heart.
Your tendrils spread beneath my skin,
inviting all those piglets in.
O'Bese(t) within, I will not heed
that grumbling, growling, inside need.
My heart tells me it is too soon,
I must not feed you before noon.
O'Bese(t) within, I have to run
before the darkness hides the sun,
and burn up all those piglet spies,
before they settle in my thighs.
O'Bese(t) within, why can't you see
the time is never right for me
to finish meals in timeless haste,
when they just settle on my waist.
O'Bese(t) within, please go to sleep.
I've fed you more than you can keep.
Those piglet cells must pass away
so I can feast another day!


My Prayer
I said a prayer this morning
it was a strange yet gentle prayer
I had not thought beforehand
of what I would say
But the words came from my mouth
and upon hearing them entered my thoughts
And now I quietly sit and ponder these words
that came from my mouth
before entering my mind
They fit well within my frame of mind today
flowing gently in and out
filling churning spaces with peace
empty spaces with understanding
Stirring dormant spaces into action
making all the pieces fit
The words take shape and flow into all the nooks and crannies of my mind
defining acceptance, forgiveness and love
I had let hate and anger overcome me
and could not pray
He saw my need and filled it
and now I can feel the movement
of thoughts within my head
My prayer?
"Lord, fill my mind with all kind and gentle thoughts this day, Amen"
Psalm 51:6


You - you're like the wind in my hair
You gently touch me in passing
and create many memories
in a fleeting moment
You - you're like a song in my heart
You lightly drift into my thoughts
and create a sing-song melody
in melancholy memories.
You - you're like the sunshine on my face
You softly caress my cheek 
and create a warm sense of longing 
in a caring embrace

You - you're like the tears in my eyes
You suddenly fill me to overflowing        
and create a pool of loving
from puddles of friendship


Gentle Thoughts
I thought about you a moment ago
In a fleeting memory
you flashed into my mind
A memory of the time when you
first became constant in my thoughts
It was just a sudden recall that came
then was quickly gone
But I smiled at the thought of you
in that time when my life was in turmoil
For then you made me realize
that my worries were frivolous
You showed me peace
in a time of discontent
And you gave me love
when loneliness imprisoned me
It was just a fleeting memory
that drifted into my mind
But you were ever present
as you are in many memories
And I am reminded once again
of your constant love and kindness
And so I smile once more
as a peacefulness surrounds me
And I gently reach out to
grasp that fleeting memory
And ever so gently you come
to rest upon my mind


The Quarter Jar
It's been there for almost ten years now
Every three or four months it gets emptied
but now it's almost too full

She was lying there waiting for him to finish
so she could turn out the light
when he came into the room

Heard that for a quarter I could
get a little lovin in here he said
How much will I get for two

She laughed at his silly nonsense
and reached for the light
WOW! stopped her hand in mid-reach

You're either really, really good or
You're really, really old, he said
Grinning and nodding toward the full jar

She laughed again at his silly nonsense
and turned out the light
all the while basking in the glow of his smile

Do you come here often he teased
Only when the sum of the quarters offered surpasses my age
she replied with a grin

And he laughed as the quarters
slipped from his hand
into the mouth of the jar


 Daddy Lost
 I stand here by your headstone
as tears fall from my eyes
Tears I should have shed so long ago.
My heart cries out for answers
to many questions, "Why?"
Why did you feel it was your time to go?
Why were we hiding from you, 
to us it was a game.
We all were much too young to understand.
Why did we leave our hometown
and move so far away.
Taken to a strange and distant land.
So many days we traveled,
each took us further on.
So many nights I lay in bed and cried.
Haunted by the image
of death seen by a child,
told not to speak of how my Daddy died.
Now my memories are scattered
and fading with the years.
But one I have will never cause me pain.
You  carved into a tree branch
the initials of my name
so much has passed since then but they remain.


Just A Little Ditty
Just a little ditty
to rhyme  a word or two
'cause I can't think of a single  thing
to write a poem for you.
 The  words  sometimes  come  easy
too  quickly  to write  down
and other times they run and hide
are nowhere to be found.
 So as I write this morning
while sunbeams light the sky
where all this beauty surrounds me
I ask myself, Oh Why?
Why can't I find the sentence
or start one simple line
Perhaps I should wait for His word
to fill my  dormant mind


Come With Me
Come with me out through the back door
where the porch swing still hangs free
There we'll sit and talk of old times
As the sun sets through the trees
Once again we'll laugh together
reminiscing of the time
our hearts were young and still untethered
jumping rope and singing rhymes

Remember when we climbed the willow
out by Jacksons pond that day
cradled close among the branches
winds came up, the old tree swayed
That old pond, it sure got muddy
when we climbed out on the trunk
Walking home we laughed and worried
both all muddy and we sure stunk

Remembering the time when Jimmy
found a toad squished on the road
We ran across the meadow screaming
as Jimmy chased us with that toad
You pushed me through the fence in panic
the toad came flying through the air
then you dove between the barbed wires
entangling your long blonde hair
You protested rather loudly
as Old man Jackson cut you loose
and glaring back as Jimmy ran off
you asked him how to make a noose

Funny thing how times can change us
sending each our separate ways
You went off to school, I married
found my niche, so here I stayed
Come with me out through the back door
where the porch swing still hangs free
There we'll sit and talk of old times
as the sun sets through the trees
Once again we'll laugh together
reminiscing of the time
our hearts were young and still untethered
jumping rope and singing rhymes


I didn't know when
and all the words
that fell
were taken then
But still you took a part
of all the words that spilled
from the depths of my heart
when I didn't know you
But my heart quite simply knew


Never Where
There is this little place I know
That's not too far from there
to which I go when never time
begins with never where

It is a quite elusive place
that's not too far from free
of which I know where never time
begins with never be

I know this ever never place
is not too far from here
in which I sow my never time
benign with never beer

So if you know this never place
that's not too far from where
to which you go in never time
perhaps I'll see you there


Wine Bottle Dregs
At times I find myself adrift
in retrospective pose
Reiterating circumstance
of past and present throes
Or even worse I get myself
a-mucked in re-run rhyme
Then I must find an empty shelf
and stow it for a time
Or thoughts become amired
among a brain like scrambled eggs
a plate of nonsensical leavings
bottom of the barrel
wine bottle dregs.....


Out from within the window casts
a lone reflection in the glass
at first it frightens to the core
wondering what it is there for
a shadow dim seen through in light
but seen in darkness brings such fright
standing still it only moves
when realization breaks the mood
a fool revealed in windows cast
of one's reflection in the glass

This Path I'm On