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Shades Of Darkness
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The Guardian

Deep within the darkest hour
ghouls and wraiths began
their feast of wretched souls devoured
spent entrails slime the fen

Battle ensued, wounds did sour
rent, did drain his spirit bound
in death crawled from their feast devoured
to lay upon his throne unsound

Cold fingers of the mist empowered
do render sanity unkind
circling 'round the darkened tower
searching for one left behind

In death he lay within the bower
blood spent fast upon the stone
'twas there she lived his darkest hour
alone forsook, to guide him home

Dark Fear
Bedazzled in the spark of diamonds
stricken by the flash of gold
meager thoughts be there for peasants
lest a misers tale be told
Abandoned to his own dire musings
lost of love within his keep
A damsels love be quaked in sleeping
lest a misers tale she reap


Lusting of the suns own shining
setting soon to ruby red
lost within his emerald envy
the Lady rises from his bed
Each night she leaves him to the darkness
gold and gems raped of their might
burried within their cold and hardness
quaking for the morning light
Bedazzled by the spark of diamonds
stricken by the flash of gold
meager thought be there for misers
now this Lady's tale be told

The Lady waits in shadows
The Knight rides slowly near
The Lady fades into the dark
The Knight in silence hears
A secret tryst unfolding
A rendezvous revealed
A Knight too bold
A secret told
The Lady marks his shield
The Knight awaits the moonlight
The Lady sings her song
The Knight rides slowly into sight
The Lady lures him on
A secret tryst unfolding
A rendezvous unveiled
A Knight so bold
A secret sold
The Lady strokes his shield
The Lady waits in silence
The Knight senses his fate
The Lady watches ever near
The Knight enters the gate
A secret tryst unfolding
A rendezvous entailed
A knight be bold
A secret hold
The Lady breached his shield
The Knight enters her chamber
The Lady takes true form
The Knight imbued in blinding light
The Ladys spell is shorn
A secret tryst unfolding
A rendezvous to wield
A Knight to hold
A secret told
The Lady bonds his shield
The Lady waits in wonder
The Knight invokes his light
The Ladies realm enjoined in truth
The Knight offers his might
A secret tryst unfolding
A rendezvous to yield
A Knight is told
A secret doled
The Ladies quest is sealed
The Knights alliance tendered
The Ladies promise sworn
The Knight reveals his strength of shield
The Lady offers hers
A secret tryst unfolding
A rendezvous is sealed
A Knight of old
A Lady bold
The secrets might unveiled






Out on the edge of fear
the deepest, darkest hour
lies a lone sleeping soul
emblazoned in great power

Cocooned as an entity
enshrouded in dark song
unaware the awesome power
will right all that is wrong

Slipping over the precipice
before the moon does rise
blinded in the dark abyss
fear deafened to the wise

Falling into terrors face
mouth gaping eyes blood red
when "bump" this soul awakens
Angels pushed him from his bed

Two Little Tears

One little tear once fell to earth
and drew a trail of sorrow
that led right to a broken heart
found lying on a barrow
Away love lost, to bitterness
in feudal, jealous warring
stripped naked, lies within the thoughts
a broken heart in mourning

Another tear then fell to wash
the bleeding heart of sorrow
and drew a cleansing trail of love
to follow from the barrow
Away love lost, too pure and sweet
in feral zealous joining
stripped naked lie within the thoughts
hearts passion until morning

Two little tears now joined to ride
the waves upon the ocean
one from a poor, sad broken heart
and one from long held passion
Away love lost, together rest
in funeral enjoining
stripped naked lay within the crypt
two souls found now for mourning