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I let too much come in between, and now the fences can be seen, of necessary  things undone, like tendrils climbing toward the sun,  all reaching for the freedoms space,  to find where time has  lost it's place.

Tendrils of time have run amuck, and scattered through this pile of  slough, searching for knots to be undone,  all tied together for freedoms fun,  a minutes rest must find it's place,  within this circle of time and space.

Hidden in the depths of time, a silent thought tries to unwind,  among the tangled webs of space,  without the benefit of grace,  and softly rests upon this tower,  of minutes lost within the hour.

A moments notice lost to sight, when sudden thoughts try to take flight,  and soar into the freedoms space,  though trying not, can't win the race,  for fences reach into the time,  where rest has come now to unwind.

But time escapes from peaceful rest, as sunbeams rise reveal the nest,  of necessary things undone,  building fences, up the sum,  like rushing,  foaming,  scourging tides,  allowing not,  moments aside.

For time waits not on those behind,  but rushes on that they may find,    the need to make each moment count,  belaying all on those that mount,  and then secure the freedoms space,  assuring all a time and place. 

So tackle time upon the fence,  undoing things held in suspence,  creating groves of freedoms space,  soon to be filled in silent grace,  and build upon this vacant tower,  of minutes found within the hour.



Crystal Visions
...fill the night
dancing through my veins
in a rhythm never ending
sending shivers through my soul
to vibrate with the universe
on a night filled with
Crystal Visions
and you on my pillow


Crystal Dimensions
Sometimes I wonder
what it would be like
to love you more...
and my thoughts project
into another dimension
where I find you
breaking into
a thousand colors
with a thousand faces
peering at me through
rainbowed liquid
as your love pours into my being
and sates my desire for you


The Crystal Flower                       

A spirit consciousness abides                       
within the deepest part of me
On golden webs of love it rides
and fills my soul with ecstasy
It wraps the threads of love around
the pain of loneliness and grief
and takes the sadness and the doubt
away, like an angelic thief
Then leaves behind a precious gift
of Joy, to fill the darkest hour
The more it's used the more it grows
and blooms into a crystal flower
A flower that spreads it's seeds across
the dreary darkness of the night
and fills the heavens for all to see
with sparkling crystal blooms of light

In Your Dreams

In case you didn't know it I was here last night
I watched you as you slipped into a dream
You were chasing something that you couldn't see
When all you need to find is here with me
I played upon your heart strings as you searched around
I ran my fingers gently through your hair
And when you thrashed through darkness I could hear the sound
Of tears wanting release so long ensnared
I whispered gently to your heart a soft reply
When in your anguished dream you cried my name
But when you woke, a darkness hid my sight from you
So tonight, with you, I'll walk your dreams again

My Journey

Once again here on my journey
I have stopped along the way
Not in planning of my journey
was this stop seen on this day
A road less traveled on my journey
has drawn me once again to tread
Heart paths worn throughout my journey
following where they have lead
Footprints followed on my journey
lead me back to heart and home
Friendships borne throughout my journey
reveal the person I've become



We rode to the edge of our dream,
our hearts beating a rhythm
like the sound of horses galloping
and when we reached the precipice - leaped
and found ourselves, for a while, like Pegasus
until he lead us gently, back to our hearts
 slowing in the rhythm of his wings, softly beating
 attune to the ecstasy of our night


Spirit Dances
Something is inside of me and it's trying to get out
Sometimes I feel it's on the verge and I just want to shout
But nonsense words is all I find pushing through the portal
For visions clutter twists the mind revealing all that's mortal
Oh to find that special place where spirit dances free
and mingles with the universe in enlightening ecstasy

Only if...

You were there when I needed you
But I was too engrossed in other things
and you turned a sad smile and left the room.
Now I see you always lightly etched in my thoughts
And wonder how it would have been.
I will never forget that silent moment
when I was drawn to the look on your face,
and the long silent yearning that passed between us,
when so much was said without speaking,
Before we were interrupted
and went our separate ways.
Now when I look back
that moment is
etched ever deeper
in my being,
and my soul aches
with the thought
Only if...

 I wonder why
God made the sky
so soft and dimly adorned
Perhaps so we
could always see
a sunrise lead the morn.
I wonder why
God made the sky
so warm and full of sun
Perhaps so we
could always see
our children laugh and run.
I wonder why
God made the sky
so blue and full of life
Perhaps so we
could always see
the beauty through the strife.
I wonder why
God made the sky
so full with clouds of gray
Perhaps so we
could always see
the wind blow them away.
I wonder why
God made the sky
so cold and full of rain
Perhaps so we
could always see
the air washed free of stain.
I wonder why
God made the sky
so deep and full of stars
Perhaps so we
could always see
to map our way to Mars.
I wonder why
God made the sky
so vast and full of light
Perhaps so we
could always see
a sunset lead the night

The Sky
A kaleidoscope of color
A total transparency
A restless wandering
A contented stability
A life giving entity
An invisible death
A stormy sharpness
A gentle caress
An explosion of sound
A quiet whisper
A tasteless nothing
A savory hunger
A bitter smell
A sweet aroma
A blinding brightness
A total corona
A vast emptying
A puffy fullness
A light touch
A heavy dullness
A muted voice
A whistling song
A day short
A night long
.......  The sky is

like the stars
in the night sky
so abundant
ever moving
sometimes hidden
in clouds of confusion
weeping for their loss
suddenly revealed
by the winds of change
on the moonless horizon
of wishes and hope
life sails on.............