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Five's Will Get You Diamonds
I saw her leaning on the
jewelry store counter,
drooling over gold and
dressed for the part,
you know the kind.
Skirt so short like she
left home without it,
peekaboo sweater,
and too much perfume,
the "working girl" look.
Bad bleached hair day,
"take-me-home" lips,
eyes expertly done
in languid shades of
"cheap-motel" blue.
He was much older,
dark hair with a touch of
politically correct gray,
and does his wife know? ...
you know the kind.
Designer leather jacket,
a rebel wannabe but,
with a different edge that
stood out in a crowd
as refined as dollar signs.
She could be his daughter
except for the way
he squeezed her ass
when he kissed her lips and
my eyes wandered lower.
Her long fishnet legs on,
five inch spike heels,
"threes" might be sexy,
but she learned long ago,
"fives" will get you diamonds.
~ Dave Chaisson ~

Sweet Whispered Sighs
As I lay here on my pillow
my eyes wide in the dark
I see us on that mountain
your closeness touching my heart
just you and me together
evening' shadows softly fall
our arms around each other
a night bird softly calls
in the last vestige of sunset
when evening stars appear
and soft moon shadows slowly creep
you whisper in my ear
Day now a-dawning
Bright light fills two hearts
Knowing of love
Whether together, apart
Passion still burning
Now banked as hearts still
Hold close in love
Sweet whispers until
The sun starts to set
And love doth arise
A new day soon coming
With sweet whispered sighs

A Diamond In The Rough
I saw him at the fresh market
absently squeezing tomatoes
as his eyes wandered
across the aisle
checking out the ladies.
You know the kind
Tank top stretching
across his broad chest
revealing every curve
and outline
of a muscular torso
that narrowed into a
small waist and hips
wrapped in black spandex
Doesn't he know black
hides less than it shows
when he lets his thoughts
wander sensually
over the young chic
in a bikini top
and short shorts
As she moved around toward him
he tossed a bag of peeled carrots
over the Clairol For Men
in his basket and nodded,
smiling her way as she passed him
his eyes riding hungrily
up her body
before they met hers
in a startling flash of
green meets blue
Not bad, I thought
as she brushed by him
I wonder how he'd look
in leather and lace

You and I
Are we treading
dangerous ground
you and I
walking the narrow line
or skating on thin ice
a litany of deceit
where only fools
walk in
This may well be
but you and I are
too adventurous
to accept mundane
so we walk that line
dare each other on...
is it deceit or do
we taunt the fall?
Ah, but the fall
may be the best result
for this dubious
adventurer who
could be fooled
into thinking
But then again
it's her fortitude
and carrying on
in the face of death
that I admire most
and I wish her well
even though we know
the lesson would not
be wasted.
Waste not, want not
isn't that what is
said of diligence
shall we carry on
or end this here and now
and when ever is
a lesson in love wasted
even in the face of death
love survives

saddness is a strange thing
my prince
it makes you so blue
that others wince
yet I find that the thing
about saddness
reveals strengths that lead
to gladness
when I think back
to my times of depression
my poetry found a place
of impression
where thoughts flowed free
in manic relief
almost dispelling
the feelings of grief
perhaps if I stay on
with persistence
others will renew
here, their existence