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Ghost The Moon
Winter evening falling
on a crisp wisp of air.
Sunbeams painting windows
in a fading red glare.
Tendrils of darkness soon
encroach upon the scene.
Silent moon shadows creep
through every in-between.
Crystal starlight peeking
through ghostly naked trees.
Lightly frost is tripping
across the fallen leaves.
Light a fire to warm us
and watch the sparks enflame,
as logs and smoke entwine
into an endless game,
of twist and poof and curl
up the chimney like a flume,
and quietly unfurl up
on high to ghost the moon.


Moon Shadows
This evening saw the moon
smiling from her midnight coach
She wore a shadowed halo
and a shining crystal broach.
Her evening gown was lovely
in its bluest black hues
The hem a cloud of silver
lined with sunsets rouge.
She rode the evening starlight
with Orion as her guide
They hunted Ursa Major
to take refuge at his side.
He lead them through the reaches
far out to Antares stream
And with the Little Dipper
spilled into a starlit dream


Moonlight, Candles & Magical Trees
Was it candle light
or was it the moon
that blinded me to your presence
as you entered the room
Either way
the soft glow both
warmed and soothed
my scattered emotions
as you took my hand and
led me into the trees


Midnight Rhapsody
Who's that tapping at my window
messages in secret code
When I look there's naught to find there
empty walk, deserted road
Yet when I turn to leave the window
again the tapping, one-two-three
But all I see are soft moon shadows
peeping o'er the sill at me
Could it be I hear the starlight
as it falls upon the glass
Lightly tripping 'cross the window
keeping time when breezes pass
Or perhaps the moonbeams shadow
skipping through the leaves alight
To do-se-do when starlight twinkles
sending shivers through the night
Softly rhythmic windsongs echo
crickets sing and tree frogs thrommmm
Moonbeams tapping on my window
a Midnight Rhapsodelic song


Sweet Dreams

I followed a trail of jelly beans
it led I know not where
for I found myself adrift in a sea
where moonbeams formed a stair

A starlit carpet draped each step
a comet was the rail
and I danced on up the twinkling flight
when I grasped the comets tail

Away I flew to the Milky Way
on a bed of Marshmallow Dream
full of Hersheys Huggs & Kisses
M&M's and Jellybelly Beans

I tripped the lights fantastic
tiptoeing through the stars
'til I came to rest in a lovers nest
spilling over with Midnight Mars

I snuggled down into the nest
with crystal grains of sugar
all twinkling through the chocolate night
and devoured my Kingsize Snickers


Cheshire Moon
Last night low in the western sky
was a Cheshire moon wishing me goodbye.
He said you'll not see this Cheshire grin
'til I go 'round and come back again.
I asked a wish if he could bestow.
He said I would if I could you know,
but you'll have to wish on a shooting star
for only they can make a wish go far
And so I watched as he fled with night
but a shooting star never crossed my sight.
Now I'll have to wait 'til he shines again.
Then I'll send my wish for his Cheshire grin.
Last night high in the western sky
was revealed a Cheshire moon
And I recalled from the recent past
how he said he'd return soon.
So I tried again by his Cheshire grin
and a wish I whispered low.
But he replied as he did before,
I would if I could you know.
Now the city lights hid the stars from sight
as his Cheshire grin shown 'round.
And the laughing wind rustled leaves and trees
with a whisper of a sound.
Then his Cheshire smile did almost beguile
me unto his galactic wit.
So like his Cheshire grin and Ursa Majors whim
I'll just have to grin and Bear it.

Days End
In keeping with the distant darkness
slowly reaching to the sun
knowing not, we ne're may reach it
e're the silence, day is done
Here with Thee in  distant twilight
gently rocking with the beat
solitude in heart finds solace
echoes rhythms soft repeat
Heavens wings draping the starlight
gently o'er each lowing field
rest is given from the brightness
sundowns colors softly yield


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