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Broken Fences

Vacation Photo Album

Touring Ireland                                            Windjamming
August 1998                                                   August 2000

One of our stops
along the way
was the Blarney Castle
in Cork County

The Scooner "Grace Bailey"
Wind Jammin
Blow wind blow to fill the sails
and sing your songs of love
We’ll sail the coast and search the shore
to find a hidden cove

We’ll anchor safe and lower the jib
We’ll hang the lanterns high
And dine on deck amid the glow
Of evenin’s soft pink sighs

And when the sun has set a quilt
of stars to fill our sight
We’ll gather close and softly sing
with voices of the night

Then when our songs have long been sung
We’ll all drift off to sleep
And dream of wind songs singing
and memories always

If Pigs Could Fly
There's stranger things goin' on today
the likes of, once I'd seen
the river Lithy reversed her flow
and washed the "Floozie" clean

Molly Malone walked Dublin town
hawking her cockle shells
when Paddy's pig flew in the spire
and rang St. Patricks bells

Down at Kellys pub the Keep
was pourin' out some ale
when in rushed Molly with the pig
she'd just rescued from jail

Where's Paddy? Molly asked in haste
he owes me for this one
Chasing a rainbow, said the Keep
to catch a leprechaun

Chasing rainbows?! Molly cried
and hurried out the door
as Paddys pig cleaned up the brew
the Keep spilled on the floor

She hurried all through Dublin town
to find the rainbows end
at last to find poor Paddy sunk
to his chin in the fen

With hands on hips Miss Molly said
Dear Paddy I fear the worst
as your pig sips ale you wallow here
your lots in life reversed

So she stood there as he sank
not knowin' what to do
when suddenly from the bushes
a leprechaun peeked through

My gold he cried then jumped right in
and pulled poor Paddy out
give it to me the leprechaun cried
as he jumped and danced about

The gold is mine poor Paddey said
for all I've endured to own
you'll not have one wretched coin
'tis for me and Molly Malone


Perseids Dance

One little star
that gave us hope
to light a path
on an endless slope
of falling, faltering
failing dreams
of meteors flight
in an endless stream
to sparkling wavelets
rippling down
encircling darkness
like a crown
soon to become
a tiara of light
and lift us from
our foggy plight

The Fiddlers Bane

There is a sound that clangs forlorn
the Fiddlers plight forever born
that dreadful night

A monument to warn the best
of Fiddlers plight forever rest
fog smote from sight

Ship run aground in dark and deep
the Fiddlers plight and there must keep
to warn, his right

In fog did sound with bow on strings
a Fiddlers plight to sing of things
hidden from sight

His death be stead for those who fear
the Fiddlers plight his song to hear
each fog filled night

Shades Of Darkness