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Rhapsody Of Puget Sound   
   I spent some time one foggy November day, walking the beach at Mukilteo. It was cold and damp and not many people ventured out that day.   I would say only a handful of people would take to the beach on a day such as this.  The fog presses people to stay indoors,  hidden in their fantasies of color and warmth,  unwilling yet to change with the season.  Only the adventuresome seek the reality of life in a colorless,  outdoor world. The struggle of day to day existence,  in this time of economic instability,  has numbed even the heartiest to seeking the peace God allows in nature.
   The air was heavy with peace and tranquillity.  The only breach of silence came, drifting over the water,  from a fog horn sounded across the bay.  My voice would carry no further than my own ears.  Even the crunch of stones under my feet sounded far away. 
   The tide was high,  making the beach long and narrow,  and the water lapped lazily at the stones lining the beach.  Now and then a drifting log bumped lightly against some beached timber, scattered along the rocky shore.
   In the middle of the parking lot,  gathering warmth in their closeness, twenty or more seagulls huddled together in the chill air.  They appeared so comical,  each standing there on one leg with their head tucked under a wing,  looking like giant dandelion puffs growing out of the pavement.  Nearby, a large crow heckled the gulls,  causing a brief disturbance in their silent slumber.  But even that was muffled by the heavy fog,  as were the great metallic birds,  pressed to runways in its heaviness.
   Fallen leaves melted into the pavement so they could no longer dance in autumn breezes. The grass lay drenched in a silvery blanket.  The trees took on a ghostly hue,  draped in sheets of gray mist.  Everything I touched wore a beaded coat of moisture. I could feel the heavy mist wash against my cheek as I walked.  My hair hung in limp ringlets.  Even my eyelashes drooped with moisture.
   The heavy fog remained throughout the day,  soaking up each minute granule of pollution until the air was washed clean.  Then,  sometime during the night,  an invisible ladle dipped down and scooped the heavy fog high into the sky,  casting it to the prevailing winds to dry, leaving the new day to dawn,  bright and clear.


Spring Reign
Rainy days too few
and far between
return here now and
turn the earth to green
flower blossoms rise
to drink their fill
dust falls in rivulets
from windowsill
trees spread their branches
wide to catch the rain
as scattered leaves are
washed into the drain
and Mother raises up
her dry parched earth
as Angels bring spring rain
to quench her thirst


Purple Tears
It happens every spring
She cries purple tears
when her offering
is wilted in the sun
and falls to carpet
her feet beneath
her spreading arms
as she rejoices
in the gift of
newly sprouting buds
that adorn her with
a soft green robe
to shade her limbs
through the hot
summer days


It's different now
It's different now
though the sun still sets the same
and the birds still sing their greetings
when the night, by dawn, is tamed
It's different now
Though the spring still ends in June
and the winter sleep is still but a dream
when the autumn colors bloom
It's different now
though the whippoorwill still sing
and the evenings rise in purple sighs
what lazy summer days may bring
It's different now


Springtime Forest Haiku
Beneath the pines soft
needle bed, Forget-me-nots
are seeking the sun
Soft Blossoms peeking
through spongy velvet mosses
in anklets of gold
Laughing brooks tumbling
in water falls over stones
glisten in sunlight
Bears slapping water
get wet catching salmon and
feast in the warm sun




Soft and sensual as it grows
are the petals of a Rose

Pink and purple, white and free
pure the nectar of Sweetpea

Short and bushy is the blossom
of purple and white or pink Alyssum

Sweet as sugar, makes me chuckle
when I taste the Honeysuckle

Bright and cheerful, springing up
are golden yellow Buttercups

Bright and sunny on my windowsill
stands a golden yellow Daffodill

Royal purple and yellow dandies
are my soft and velvety Pansies

Round little blossoms, bees flying over
patches of white and purple Clover

Lots of sunshine and gentle showers
bring forth all kinds of lovely Flowers



I have dreamed of meeting you
in a secret place
seeing your face so close to mine
your breath so warm upon my cheek
your lips tenderly seek mine
my arms encircle you
pulling you closer
and as our lips meet
in tender bliss
my body melts into your arms
holding me close
your hands pressing me closer
with each kiss
the heat of our bodies
pressing close in the chill air
warms me to the core
as we embrace
oblivious to the snow storm
raging all around us
lost in the sensations
of a tender kiss
and I awaken
to an empty room
and wonder
do you think of me now
I have dreamed of meeting you
the cold without forgotten
the fire within consuming
two hearts beating as one
kisses, caresses and sighs
the touch filling my senses
waking and knowing
you are still there
close your eyes and dream again
for I am here waiting
to fill your dreams
draw me in with you
where only warmth
pervades my soul
the coldness without
encircling us
in a snowy cocoon
of our winter rendezvous

Soliloquy In Passing
When last I enter through this door
Footsteps soft upon this floor
When purple shades drape twilight still
Silencing the Whipporwhill
When barren field in silence screams
Awaiting one bereft of dreams
When windchimes hang in silent grace
A voiceless song filling the space
When darkness seeks invading life
Stilling a heart bereft with strife
Then know that I am with you still
In silence born a voiceless fill
When next I enter through this door
My footsteps silent on this floor

In Loving Memory 
God has come to call again
this time he heard His voice.
He said your time on earth will end
but when must be your choice.
Your suffering I wish to ease
I'll take away your pain.
Come to Me on bended knee
My Love will pour like rain.
'Tho loved ones you must leave behind
others await you here.
The life you've lived is in your mind
recalling brings them near.
Then when their time on earth is 'nigh
together we'll await
with other loved ones side by side
to greet them at the gate.
And so he chose to heed His voice
as Heavens chorus sings
another soul has made his choice
and peacefully gained his wings.

The Promise
A Maiden once, dared stand alone
beneath a starry night
Within her hands she held a dove
with wings of snowy white
Within it's beak she placed a tiny
leather beaded purse
It held all the little things
she treasured most of earth
Upon the rocks awash with flood
she clung with her bare feet
Beneath the waters rushed and swirled
where two rivers would meet
In moonlight bathed she raised her arms
and bid the dove to fly
Carry my spirit heaven bound
beyond the moonlit sky
And so she flew toward the stars
beyond the winds of wings
There with no breath to carry her
she fell to spiraling
Around and round she spun into
a froth of dewey mist
Then softly landed at the feet
of one she'd sorely missed
With gentle hands he raised the dove
as tears wetted his cheeks
At last she'd found her one true love
where once he'd promised they'd meet
On into eternity
her love for him was borne
upon the wings of one white dove
from whence she stood, forlorn

I always knew it was
just a thought away
and I wondered
if it was that way for you too
The simplest thing
would set me to thinking
and remembering...
A ripple on the water...
the rustling leaves in a breeze...
the way the sun made the forest
look like a jigsaw puzzle of light
jostling the leaves for it's place
beneath the vast green canopy
That one visit wasn't enough
and filled my memories with longing
for our secret summer hide-away

Grownup Child Blues

Smiles hiding teardrops
falling on wretched faces
distant too
see colored eggs
chocolate bunnies
send candy kisses
on ones breath
across the miles
and sadly

,   , e,               
   ,    , a,
          ,    r,  
          ,   ,    s,
 ,     ,    , ...of missing you...

As Angels Wept
I just stood there,
What else could I do
In running I still
could not escape,
It was everywhere.
So I just stood there
and was witness to        
a most spectacular event.
In a split second
it happened - then was gone,
And I alone was exposed
to that brief moment
of exquisite beauty,
as sunlight struck
through the storm,
and revealed a rainbow
falling all around me.
And I knew,
As surely as the wild
beating of my heart,
I knew.
And my fears became
a joy unmeasured,
As Angels wept

My Encounter With An  Angel
Today I held the tiny hand
of a wee little lass
So tight she held my finger
her eyes shining like glass
A soft caress upon her cheek
bared dimples with her smile
and suddenly she reached for me
so I held her for a while
This precious little Angel
snuggled close upon my breast
In moments she was fast asleep
her warmth filling my chest
Sweet baby aromas
permeated to my heart
and when I went to give her back
she wakened with a start
Glancing at her mother
then smiling back at me
She raised her hand up to my face
and gently touched my cheek
Then softly sighed and closed her eyes
and drifted back to sleep

Winds Upon The Water
Winds upon the water
may sing a tender song
when little breezes skip and twirl
as wavelets roll along
Winds upon the water
may sing a long sad tale
as waves come crashing to the shore
chased by a howling gale
Winds upon the water
may sing a lovers tune
as waves wash sand between their toes
beneath a waxing moon
Winds upon the water
may sing a song forlorn
as breakers beat destructions path
lone light shines long to warn
Winds upon the water
may sing a soft reply
as ripples chase up to the shore
where sand dunes reach the sky
Winds upon the water
they whisper words to me
when waves of doubt assail my heart
just be...just be...just be...

A Soft Farewell
If I could hold that moment
so tantalizing, your lips on mine.
The lightest touch, barely a breath
as you gently trace a line
from my trembling lips, across my cheek
with your fingers through my hair
and when you softly whisper
your breath caresses my ear
Ah, but alas, 'twas a soft farewell
as you gently slipped away
and a shining tear slid down my cheek
as I awakened to start my day
Once again you hold me close
an exquisitely soft embrace
your gentleness strokes my trembling heart
as,  on my breast,  does silken lace
your hands so gentle press me near
and I feel your heart so soft
this moment I want to hold so dear
yet I know you must be off
Ah, but alas, 'tis a soft farewell
while I wait,  trembling with needs
and another tear falls down my cheek
as I awaken to a gentle breeze
They be not tears of sorrow
though I must let you go
for a promise sworn in the mists of dawn
In my dreams,  it's you,  I'll know
Though my pillow, now,  lies empty
and my heart feels light and free
Soon I'll seek for you when my sunlight fades
and the shadows reach for me
Ah, but alas , 'twill be a soft farewell
to the settling of the sun
for when shadows fall,  soft upon my face
'Tis then, I know,  we'll be as one

Whispering Softly
Morning has broken
in whispers of light
refilling her senses
with dreams of the night
where passion is boundless
like winds of the soul
whispering love songs
and making her whole
just as the suns rise
spills over the night
their spent passions whisper
on into the light
Whispering softly
a tenderness shared
her soul is now singing
with knowing he cares

There once was a stressful time of life
when all was not as it seemed
I escaped into a book each night
to avoid a recurring dream
It shook me to the very core
of earth and scorched my soul
I despaired of ever finding peace
or again of feeling whole
My sobs would wrack my sleep with loss
of all I held most dear
Each morn I would awaken and
relive nights wrenching fears
Eight years of wretched, restless nights
not daring to face the source
Were finally ended with pen in hand
on papers of divorce

Thank you my friend.
So much loss can be life changing..
yet still, so much remains the same,
How can there be loss when
still we retain the memories?!